Artist Statement

My work tends to be very utilitarian in nature. I strive to create pieces that exemplify and honour the long standing tradition of Iroquois beadwork. I am very particular and pay close attention to my finishing detail. I am industriousness a trait that I believe inherited from my maternal grandmother. I have been fortunate to learn the Kanien'keha raised beadwork style and my work tends to follow suit, mainly floral in design. The majority of my beadwork revolves around the many different colours that can be found from nature, however some of my more recent has focused on the monochromatic colour palette.  

The art pieces that I create are intended to be functional. For the past 16 years I have focused on creating customized wearable art pieces, mainly commissioned work. Custom orders allow me the opportunity to challenge myself by working within specific guidelines mainly colour choices. The pieces that I show at market display my "throwing caution to the wind' and push me to my creative limits.